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Good coffee is the only distraction

Our co-working shared workspace will be a social enterprise set up to enable the latest ways of working: swapping commute for community and supporting our local economy.

Our aim is to enable affordable and accessible co-working spaces which can be easily reached by a walk, cycle ride or on public transport, helping to reduce carbon emissions and giving people the chance for healthier routes to work.


Ideal for ‘work at home’ employees, self-employed individuals and Start-Ups who need to get out of the house to socialise and network in a work environment.

Moving desks can move mountains

Working remotely is great for a work life balance, but it can also be hard to get things done when at home.


Moving to a space associated with work has been proven to engage and focus our brains subconsciously as we arrive.

Image by Tj Holowaychuk
Image by Bench Accounting
Image by Annie Spratt


No distractions (just try resist the great coffee and food donwstairs)


Functional yet comfortable desk space to make sure you can concentrate


A friendly, supportive environment - working in company actually helps focus 

Image by Parker Byrd
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