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DOGTEMBER 2024 will run consecutively for four weekends, 14/15, 21/22, 28/29 September and 5/6 October.

There are four 90 minute sessions at 9am, 11am, 1pm and 3pm  and a 60 minute Quiet Session at 5pm which is limited to 100 humans and 50 dogs.


With the exception of the Small and Large Dog sessions on the 24th, all sessions are open to ALL dogs.

So, Dogs, sit!  Listen up:

Once you’re through the gate, you can let your Humans off their lead and run, jump, slide, swim and splash to your heart’s content within our secure site.  If you’re not confident diving straight into our 40m (heated) pool, with it's wide, shallow steps for easy access, you might prefer our gently sloping splash pool with a slide & chaseable water spouts.  There's also lots of grass for zoomies.

You aren't allowed into the changing rooms/toilets, but we have easily-identifiable stewards who will keep you safe whilst your Human is getting changed.  We have lockers (using £1 coins) to keep your Human's bags safe and to save you the temptation to 'decorate' bags left on the grass.

 We have a great range of stalls, so there’ll be plenty of opportunities for your Human to spoil you (including refreshments & dog ice cream) and once again, we’ll be offering a drying service so that you can be comfy in your car on the way home.  (Did we mention that your Human can park for free in our car park?)

All dogs need a Dog Swim ticket; if your Human wants to swim with you, they’ll need a Human swim ticket, but if you’d prefer them to stand poolside and throw a ball (provided), then a swim ticket for you and a spectator ticket for them is fine.  For safety reasons, we don’t allow young humans under 16 into the main pool, so they only need a spectator ticket.  Please remind your humans that if they're swimming with you, we recommend they wear long sleeves to save their arms from scratches.

Your Human must choose a human ticket (either swim or spectator) before the Dog ticket option is visible on the ticket site.

Tickets go quickly, so don’t let your Human dawdle …..

Tickets will go on sale in Spring - Watch this space!
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