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Work with Personal Trainers based at the Lido Gym to achieve results and reach your goals

Zuzana Strbakova

07861 639382

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I have 15 years experience in the fitness industry, I understand various eating, body image and mental health struggles… I’ve been through it all! But I have come out the other side and now I am ready to help YOU do the same. I know how great it feels to be STRONG, HEALTHY & CONFIDENT! 

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Sarah Falvey photo_edited.jpg

Sarah Falvey

I live with my husband, our two daughters and our dog by the sea in Sussex.  I refound my love of fitness after having children - I wanted them to grow up seeing me feel confident in my body and taking the time to look after my mental and physical health. I believe that the two are intrinsically linked.


I love being outside, especially in the sunshine! I love running, yoga, pilates, paddle-boarding and resistance training, and my training programmes reflect this holistic approach to fitness.  It's all about finding the things that bring you joy so that you enjoy the journey. The physical results are an added bonus on your own personal adventure.

Silvia Ella

07799 200 028

My name is Silvia Elia, founder, and owner of Silviactive.

My personal qualifications are: Level 3 Personal Trainer (QCF), Advance Pregnancy and Post-Natal Women’s Wellness, NatalStrength®: A Safe Return to Strength Training Post Birth, Peri & Menopause, RockTape & RockPods-Myofascial Cupping Doc Certified which aid rehab from pain and injuries.


I am passionate about Women’s Health, and I have dedicated my time and energy to specialising in every aspect of a women’s path of life.

I look forward to helping you to achieve your fitness and health goals.

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Pip Nowell

07795 513248

Hi, my name is Pip of Synergy Personal Training and I am based in Saltdean.

I've always had a passion for sport and fitness and after having my three children, I'm now enjoying helping people on their own fitness journey.


I'm delighted to be part of the team running the Lido Gym.

I offer bespoke training programmes as one to one and partner sessions. Whatever your fitness goal, I'll support and motivate you to reach them.

Chat to me in the gym or get in touch

Tiffany Peters

07958 260143

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Based in Brighton, and I use Fitness First and Saltdean Lido Gym to train from. I am a Strongwoman competitor and can help you not only physically but also mentally to be able to achieve your fitness and health goals. I offer 121 Sessions as well as Small group classes

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Rachel Pattenden

07846 072571

I am a fully qualified L3 Personal Trainer and L2 Fitness Instructor providing bespoke 121 and small group training sessions as well as teaching Clubbercise®, KOKOstrength, KOKOstrength LITE, Fitness Pilates, Kettlebells, Circuits and Combat classes. Alongside this I also give nutritional advice. My clients vary massively in age, abilities and goals and I have a specific interest in mid life, menopause and using fitness to improve mental health.

My personable approach and sense of humour is balanced by the determination to override any doubt you may have and get you the results I know you can get even if you don’t have the belief in yourself.

Amos Rae & Harleigh Angel
Apex Coaching
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We have over 15 years of experience and can provide you with a  Full Tailored Workout plan

As well as  a Personalised Nutrition Plan. We provide Weekly Check in Zoom Video, Daily Habits Coaching with our In app messaging support. You will receive a Monthly 1-1 Zoom call, Form check video assessment and Full exercise library access. Amos specialises in Junior training for 12-16 year olds.

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Guy Stevens

07515 831720

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Dr Bacc Personal Trainer I have 14 Years Experience and am qualified to a Level 4, I specialise in Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, Lower back pain specialist and am also qualified to work with medical conditions and can provide Injury rehabilitation.

Martin Hayler

07904 213282

To be better than we are, we must first know what we are. No fancy frills, just honest training. Do you want to better yourself, grow and feel revitalised? 30 years' experience in health and fitness, I am  empathic and understanding. I am a qualified life coach and Personal Trainer.

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